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Bleu's Law

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Pit bull attacks have gruesome effects. Whether the victim is killed or suffers disfiguring injuries, the after-attack horror the victims and their witnesses relive over and over should not be allowed to continue. A law requiring pit bull owners to take responsibility for their choice of pet should be created to protect others from attack. This petition does not intend to keep people from owning pit bulls, but requires them to respect the lives of other people and their animals by keeping the pit bulls inside their own property or muzzled and leashed when off the property.  

The argument of owner versus pit bull is irrelevant to the person or animal being mutilated or killed.  

The Alabama counties have not had Animal Control law amendment since the Alabama Constitution was drafted in 1901.  Alabama counties do not have lawmaking ability and must rely on our State Legislators to create this law to protect us.   In 1901, pit bulls were not owned in family homes and neighborhoods. This law should include regulations which some Alabama cities have already adopted.   

 This law should single out pit bulls specifically due to the flesh-tearing, bone-breaking, deadly injuries these dogs inflict when they attack.  If other dog breeds need to be regulated, that should be addressed in a separate petition.

This law should include:

1. Pit bulls must be contained within double fencing so they do not have access to the outside fence.

2. Pit bull owners must have $100,000 liability insurance on each pit bull.

3. Pit bulls must be muzzled and leashed when off their property.

4. Pit bull must be euthanized after first human attack off their property regardless of degree of injury.  

5.  Pit bulls must be collared with rabies tag and owner information at all times.

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