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About the continuation of the anime "Bleach" fans do not even dream, but about the restart/reload they are seriously thinking. Kubo, why not give your child a new life? New breath? To revive him from the ashes of last arch? The last arch, unfortunately, was not adequately appreciated by the public. Many people do not like the canon in terms of patterns. The main character and the girl, who loving him... Fans would like more reciprocity and harmonious pairs. But this is not the most important thing. Originally you wanted to make shinigami with guns or scythe of death. Japanese traditions are also good. But what if you combine firearms and samurai swords? All this will look very impressive, new styles of  battles! As for the love lines ... Here we should rely on reality, socionics, kindred souls. In the manga and anime as such, there was no romance, would like to see this, even with a rating of 18+ ) The audience grew and the new generation is already fed up with the stereotypes of the past great shonens (少年). We do not ask you to make a completely new story. We want to see old, but in a new interpretation, and alternative development of the canon, where the heroes will be happy with those who were intended for them by fate. And would like a more large-scale battle with Yahweh, where not only Ichigo. He and his whole team, by common efforts, fights the enemy and that each of them contributed to the victory over the enemy, but not royal one-short.