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Moody Middle School Community Free Lunch Program!

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It is commonly acknowledged that the city of Richmond is a food desert, and that the area surrounding George H. Moody Middle School is not the most financially well-off community.  Unfortunately, due to the fact that it saves money and is much easier than hunting for fresh, organic produce, an increasing number of people are resorting to buying cheap fast foods that are seriously damaging to their health in the long term.  Eating these types of foods consistently has been found to be a heavy contributor towards the obtention of health issues such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.  On the other hand, every day the George H. Moody Middle School cafeteria has, on average, around 35 servings of food that the Health Department requires them to throw away after lunchtimes are over due to sanitation issues.  What I am asking is not that we completely overthrow that mandate, but that we make a slight exception for our case.  If, immediately after third lunch, we allowed the leftover food to be distributed to people in the community in a sort of “soup kitchen” manner, this would not necessarily cause any sanitation issues. In addition, it would eliminate the need for people to purchase cheap fast foods that damage their health - at least for one meal of the day, which can make all the difference. In its stead, they would be receiving healthy, fresh food that is specifically designed to meet a person’s nutritional needs, and in the process, our school would see a drastic reduction in the amount of perfectly good food we waste every day. Maybe this solution would not help everyone in need in the community, but it is definitely a start, and every great story has a beginning.  In this scenario, every signature makes a difference; so thank you for your support!

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