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Stop the Mayor Change in Town of Salem

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What's up my sneaky little massclaimers, this is Kirize12 coming at you live from Salem with a PSA and a change only we can make.

We all know how bad the massclaim problem can get - Mayor reveals D1, all protection on them, Mayor gets everyone's roles, Mayor carries town to victory. The developers are trying to fix this problem. However, their solution to the problem is that Mayor, upon revealing, can no longer send or receive whispers.

The problem with this change, and what most people are failing to realize, is that it's not just the Mayor. Any confirmable town role can take on the responsibility of an omniscient being with everyone's roles, those roles including but not limited to Jailor, Vigilante, Veteran, Vampire Hunter, Transporter, Spy, Retributionist (along with it's revived target), and Amnesiacs who remember town. Those roles can easily incite a massclaim, so why are we solely punishing the Mayor, especially in a way that involves removal of core mechanics of the game? It won't stop Whisper Games completely, just limit them. Even if Mayor is the only role which massclaims are really focused around, which is not the case, another role will eventually be the "center" of massclaims. Then we will need to bar whispers from that role too. And then another role. And then another. Up until the point where we might as well just remove whispers altogether.

What we need? A catch-all solution, which will not only stop all current whisper games but any future whisper games to come should the meta evolve in that direction. That way, we can solve the massclaim problem full-stop while still not having to remove core mechanics from certain roles or whispers altogether (although that wouldn't be such a bad idea).

How shall we accomplish this solution? There are three solutions I can think of:

A) A multi-step program to make massclaims risker to the point where they are more harm than good:

1) [OPTIONAL] Create Town Power: an alignment filled with the most powerful, town-leadership level roles. Those roles being Mayor, Jailor, and Retributionist.

2) Reduce the confirmability of town roles outside of Town Power. (e.g. remove town deathnotes, make transports silent, step 3 OR disallow spy to read whispers, make Amnesiac remembering a role silent) If Town Power does not become a thing, equalize the power of Mayor, Jailor, and Retributionist to be more "on par" with the abilities of the other roles in their alignments.

3) Give a non-confirmable Mafia role (it's presence cannot be confirmed without effort) the ability to read whispers. Blackmailer is due to read whispers, but that might not be such a good idea, since it's presence can be discerned early.

4) Change up the rolelist to something with more claimspace for scum, meaning if a massclaim is inevitable, the roles learned cannot be confirmed as easily, neither by flat-out confirmability as countered in Step B, nor by rolelist PoE (Process of Elimination).

B) Make a whisper system overhaul making it so that massclaims are IMPOSSIBLE to be had.

C) Remove whispers altogether. Can't hurt us no more.

Three ways to solve the massclaim problem without needing to remove core mechanics. Of these, I would prefer Solution A, but this is personal preference.

If you want to join me in the quest to #SaveTheMayor, please sign, and comment which solution you wish to have in the game. Repost this in your forum signature as well with a URL embedded to the words #SaveTheMayor.

Thank you for supporting these changes to make Town of Salem a balanced and better game! #SaveTheMayor

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