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Fix Town of Salem, Not Split the Playerbase

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Dear BlankMediaGames:

I am an active player of your game, Town of Salem, who has heard about the new expansion update, The Coven. At first, I was excited to hear that you guys were taking real action in your update. Then, I found out it was locked behind a $10 paywall, had extremely unbalanced roles, and had almost everything we were promised in Town of Salem 1.6.

I am probably not the only person who thinks this is a bad idea. In fact, on the reddit, people have been seeming to hate this more than they like it. I, myself, am excited for this to happen, but am not past the realization that what you did was worse than releasing the update for everyone.

I guess this is getting a bit long-winded, and hey, it's a petition so I don't want to get too opinionated here. So straight to the point:

The people who have signed here are people who (for the most part) all want a ranked fix, as well as some improvements in general (for example, a UI improvement) as your next patch. I am not promising that any of these people will act upon this, this is just to show you how many players would rather see a fix to ranked than any other patch you could have.

I, myself, will boycot until a ranked patch is released if the next patch is not one.

BMG, I am quite a fan of your game, and would hate to do something like this, so please, make a ranked fix your next update. Thank you for your time, and I hope you do take my opinion and the opinion of everyone else here into account.

Thank you for your time.

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