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Force the Internet registrar “” to return their clients ownership properties!

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Under the constitution of a Non-Profit Organization, which main object is to promote the European culture, we have recently purchased a set of Domain Names through the Internet registrar

A few days ago, and while they were pertinently aware that these transactions had been integrally paid (after banking verification and approval via “Visa 3D Secure Code”, a known reliable monitoring system), the “ Verification Office” has sent us a redundant and outrageously intrusive “verification” request on the pretence that they would need to validate the purchase of our Domain Names (?!)

In fact, these people have declared to us that our “account had been selected by their Verification Office as a precautionary measure to defend us from possible misuse of either our payment method or products in our shopper account” and to “promptly upload a viewable, scanned copy of the payment method account holder’s government-issued photo identification, such as a driver’s license or passport”, threatening us that “if they do not receive the requested documentation within the next 48 hours, our orders might be cancelled for our protection”

Except that, such abusive and illicit exigencies largely overpassed their functions regarding the limit of the basic banking verifications attributed to this kind of private company to prevent hypothetical fraudulent payments, we have highlighted that in a world where phishing and identity usurpations have become common infractions and precisely lead our governmental authorities to warn us against the risk related to the irresponsible dissemination of our personal informations, we would be incredibly naive to provide a copy of our official identity documents to absolute strangers which the theoretical probity is totally unverifiable, whereas the employees -- that are not legally sworn -- have no legitimacy to collect or require this type of strictly confidential informations.

Now, by way of response, has perfidiously waited FIFTEEN DAYS after the integral reception of our payments and initial VALIDATION, without any condition, of our purchases, to restrict the access to our accounts and arbitrarily disconnect the Internet websites of our Non-Profit Organization whose online exploitation had just started -- even changing, in a vexing and deceitful way, our .eu DomainNameServers to “” and “”!!!

Even daring to justify their spoliation attempt by arguing -- with the mafia-like organizations’ typical cynism and hypocrisy -- from the fact that their “verification policies have been established as precautionary measures for their customers and are non-negotiable”, these dishonest people seem to forget that ONLY THE OBSERVANCE OF THE LAW AND TO BE WORTHY OF THE TRUST THAT WE ARE HONOURING THEM ARE NON-NEGOTIABLE -- no business can plead abusive commercial terms to contravene the law and to cause a deliberate prejudice to its customers’ interests without facing the consequences!

Therefore, as we have no vocation whatsoever to encourage such manifest abuses, WE HEREBY PUT ON NOTICE TO REACTIVATE THE INTEGRAL ACCESS TO OUR ACCOUNTS AND DOMAIN NAMES, which we have legally acquired the full and complete ownership, otherwise we will bring this litigation before the ICANN and the Courts -- besides some justified reprisals, such as a wide exposure of their intentional breaches and reprehensible ploys via the whole media and social networks (TV and radio networks, Newspapers, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Google +, etc.), as well as petitions (via, etc.) and unremitting calls to boycott, that we would then trigger off against this unworthy of trust company.

With thanks in advance for your help!

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