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Stop Moncton from paying $181000 On Public Art For Downtown Centre Plaza!

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First off I would like to say that I feel quite ashamed for the choices made on behalf of our fellow Moncton Residents to create a giant 22 foot tall stainless steel sculpture that says "Resurgo" produced by Peter Powning at the cost of $181,366.95  for Downtown Centre Plaza.

Councillors Paulette Theriault, Charles Leger, Bryan Butler, Rob McKee, Susan Edgett, Greg Turner and Mayor Dawn Arnold all voted in favour for this waste of money and space, I seriously doubt they looked into actual city issues such as our homeless and what we can do as a whole to help. 

I feel saddened to see our Humanity project work so hard, rally the community, and then get denied a 200k loan to actually help,  then see that a giant statue is going to be built instead... this is just wrong on so many levels! 

I feel we should stop the statue, and give a portion of the money to Charles Burrell, head of the Humanity project Moncton where it can be utilized and appreciated properly. As well as other proper organizations to actually change moncton for the better.  

We could even invest in making tiny homes for our community, there are so many different things that could be done to help the actual situation as opposed to making some art. 

To worry about materialistic items and forget our people is one of the most sickening things I've saw, let's not go down that road! 

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