Course outline adjustment Math-262

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Hello all AT students,

Along with my fellow classmates we have all agreed that Math 262 is not necessary, it is the exact same math that was our prerequisite to get into our program . We understand that math is related to our program as far as adding and subtracting factors and etc. Some parts of the math is absolutely unrelated to our industry.

Why we have to completely re do a class that is exactly the same as math we had to take in high school, and some may have had to upgrade to get into our program seems absolutely unnecessary, and a waste of money for some.

We spoke to a AT professor in the hall, and the professor did not even know what kind of math we were doing, once we explained to he/she what we were doing he/she could not understand why we would have to do so.

We want to see how many signatures we get, so we can take this to Blair and see if we can get the class scraped .