Re open MEAP and MPAP programs in Manitoba

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Since the beginning of the XX Century, mining and exploration was the major driving force which uncovered areas of Northern Manitoba for Canadians. Multiple cities and communities were established just because of the mining – Flin Flon, Thompson, Snow Lake, Bissett and  some others.

In 1990’s the Government of Manitoba made a very important supportive mining decision – two programs were introduced - Manitoba Exploration Assistance Program (MEAP)  and Manitoba Prospectors Assistance Program (MPAP). Both programs provided financial support  for companies and individuals who already spent their own  money on mineral projects  in Manitoba.  

 In return, mining community  of the province  responded with discoveries of Lalor,  Reed Lake, Hinge and some other mines. These discoveries were very supportive for the people of Northern Manitoba.

It’s not a secret that since 2013/2014  the world market of the base and precious metals is under tremendous pressure of low prices. This drastically effected our province with significant reduction of investment in mining and exploration.  In addition to this, in 2018 MEAP and MPAP programs were put on hold.

We all realized that our provincial government wants to balance financial situation in Manitoba. On the other end it’s important to attract investments in order to keep exploration projects going. We know that most of Manitoban exploration and mining projects are located within the Northern part of the province. And exploration and mining companies always were substantial contributors in creating jobs in Northern communities.     

Dear Mr. Pedersen,

Please review the situation with the MEAP and MPAP and bring these programs back on track.  Believe, that we will all witness how positively it will effect on an investment climate of our Province.  All Manitobans want to live in wealthy and prosperous Province, and the mining community will do all efforts in order to be a significant part of the contributor to the provincial treasury.