Please consider New Brunswick fitness facilities as essential and reopen them.

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I would like to see gyms deemed an essential service for the general well-being of our population and for the sake of our mental health. I know this is a big ask, and I understand larger gyms have a harder time controling the environment with an "access only model", however I am making the case for the small independently owned gyms in New Brunswick.  

Not only is physical activity and wellness paramount to mental health, but staying active and eating well  ensure a healthier immune response should one come into contact with Covid-19. 

Small gym owners and management have far more control over the gym environment and how we operate. 

With a little common sense and frequent cleaning, especially with smaller facilities who's scope of control is far greater than an "access only" style gym, we can safely reopen with limited class sizes (100sqft per member would allow for more than the required 6 ft spacing) and we can monitor everyone and ensure everything is being disinfected between sessions and equipment disinfected prior to being stored and also modify the format of our programming to ensure social distancing is adhered to.

The small gym model is vastly different than the big box gym model and because of the added control and monitoring I would argue that the environment is far safer than going through a drive through, going to the grocery store or to the hardware store.  Please sign and tell Premier Higgs that we will step up and take care of our communities and ensure that we adhere to strict procedures to prevent any further spread or Covid-19. Every signature counts. Please show your support and please share!