New Brunswick Licensed Practical Nurses need your help!

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Please take a moment, and sign to help New Brunswick’s Licensed Practical Nurses. 

If you, or you know someone that has been hospitalized, I can guarantee you that at one point during their stay, they have been cared for by a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) 

What you may not realize is how undervalued this profession is. Over the years, The LPN profession has drastically changed along side an ever changing scope of practice.

In N.B, LPNs are the under dog, they are looked down upon, seen as stepping stones in the nursing profession, and un appreciated. They are currently in a union that does not have their best interest in mind and at present are not allowing them to leave and join a Union that is willing to properly represent them and have their own voice.

LPNs have tried over the years to receive a fair wage as health care is constantly changing, the scope of practice, amount of responsibility and accountability also follows suit. Being so that LPNs are in a prominently female dominant profession and a minority in their current union. They are always out numbered when it comes to voting time around contract negotiations.

LPNs are in a union of roughly 12000 members. Including house keeping, clerical staff, cooks, to name a few. At the end of the day. It takes a village to run a hospital and each delegation is just as important as another. However it is unfair to say that someone who works in house keeping or food service that does not have to obtain a post secondary education, pay licensure fees yearly along side maintaining competencies to also receive a substantial increase in their pay just because their classifications fall under the same category in that union.

Currently, LPNs fall under a patient service, just as House Keeping, Food Services and Kitchen staff. However those delegations are all offering a patient service. LPNs however are not. They are providing Patient care and the fact their current union will not reclassify them to such is not only disrespectful but makes you realize they do not understand the work of a LPN. From monitoring vital signs, to reviewing lab work, to prepping them for surgeries and caring for them post op. Managing pain control, Administering IV Antibiotics to treat infections to educating pts on various conditions through out their care and upon discharge. (To name a few). It is time they get the respect and recognition they deserve.

LPNs over the last year and a half have been excited to vote to leave CUPE 1252 and Join ACRC with almost 90 percent voting in favour of leaving. This union understands the LPNs and can not only properly represent them but give them their own local and have their own voice when it comes to contract negations. To be properly classified and compensated for the nursing duties they provide.

The NB labor Board has denied the LPNs request to change unions and states they are being properly represented. 

Please sign this petition to not only show your frustration with the Higgs government but to show support, to recognize the importance of these nurses who have been treated unfairly and abused in the New Brunswick health care system for years.

Forcing these nurses to stay in a union that they feel doesn’t care about them and not understand there scope is not in the best interest of New Brunswick residents. The LPNs want out, it’s time to let them leave.

If LPNs leave to other provinces, the already fragile health care system will not be able to sustain itself. They are already in a registered nursing shortage, NB won’t be able to handle a licensed practical nursing shortage even tho Blaine Higgs seems to think they can by commenting, if LPNs don’t like it here , then move.

New Brunswick is trying to silence the LPNs. Help give them a voice by standing up for the underdog and telling CUPE, The labor board and the Higgs government that enough is enough. We need all the nurses we can get. Respecting LPNs, allowing them to be in a union that can properly represent them is not only the best interest for patients but for all new Brunswicker's. 

These nurses have shown their resilience and dedication by the the commitment and professionalism they have provided during a global wide pandemic. All they are asking for is to leave their union by choice and join another. 

All they want to do is be respected, please help by signing to get their voices heard