Free menstrual products in all school bathrooms across New Brunswick

Free menstrual products in all school bathrooms across New Brunswick

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Started by Hailey Pospolita

A report conducted by Plan International Canada found that one-third of Canadian women under the age of 25 say they’ve struggled to afford menstrual products. 83%say they feel their period prevents them from fully participating in activities, while 70% say they have missed school or work or have withdrawn from fully participating in social activities because of their period. NOTE: (This data does not capture the experiences of trans men and gender non-binary people).

When people who menstruate don’t have access to the resources and information to manage their periods safely and with dignity, they are more likely to miss school and work, face higher health risks, and struggle to reach their full potential. There should be no stigma around something as fundamental as menstruation. Menstrual products are a necessity and not a luxury.

EVERY woman, girl, trans man and gender non-binary person should be able to focus on their education and be active participants without having to worry about inadequate access to tampons, pads, and other menstrual products. The lack of access to these products can negatively impact students’ school attendance and their social-emotional well-being and have contributed to the stigma that exists on menstruation. When students cannot access safe and effective means of managing their menstrual hygiene, they are not able to manage their menstruation with dignity. Providing all students with convenient access to free menstrual products helps to support their full participation in school activities, reduces stigma and promotes gender equality.

This has been done in other jurisdictions in Canada such as, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and therefore can be done here in New Brunswick.

This is the reason we should have free menstrual products in all gender bathrooms across New Brunswick.

6 have signed. Let’s get to 10!