Blaine Cty doesn't want a dumb line; instead we want a non-wires truly resilient solution

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Idaho Power, Blaine County Commissioners, we want energy resiliency in Blaine County NOW! 

1)    Use the $35 million redundant transmission line initial project money for backup batteries at our substations and solar generation rather than a ‘dumb’ wire second line.

2)    Repair our first transmission line using the batteries to run load. 

3)    Undertake a deployment program of demand response, controllers, and smart appliances to utilize your already installed smart meters to shift load at peak power demand hours or in an emergency. 

4)    Install line loss locator technology on all transmission coming into or in Blaine County

5)    Offer significant incentives for installation of energy efficiency in all buildings   

6)    Offer incentives for solar installations

7)    Help us establish an electric bus fleet

8)    Use INL’s world-leading expertise to install micro-grids with cutting edge cyber-secure grid technology at our hospital and critical emergency services

9)  Help our hospital 'island' and be self-sufficient with a micro-grid with backup batteries and solar generation.

10) Develop a community solar project with Blaine County that actually helps subscribers and Blaine County save money with the cheaper solar generation.