Safety for pedestrians crossing the road on Stanhope Parkway, Stanhope Gardens NSW.

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Dear Citizens,
I am appealing to the Hon. Melinda Pavey Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight as well as Blacktown Council, to put in place a strategy which makes Stanhope Gardens pedestrians safe.
On Monday 16 July 2018, two friends from Gateway Lifestyle, were crossing Stanhope Parkway, Stanhope Gardens NSW.  They were both on their way to the bus stop to go to work, when they were hit by a car.  Tragically one was killed, with the other in hospital, left with several injuries. 
I am appealing for your support to have a set of traffic lights installed on the corner of Stanhope Parkway and Majestic Drive, Stanhope Gardens. This stretch of road is notorious for motorists speeding and unfortunately the current roundabout is no deterrent.  It is extremely difficult for pedestrians to cross this road safely and I have had many near misses; simply attempting to get to the bus stop.  
Blacktown Council have been approached many times about this area and it's time that residents of Stanhope Gardens were taken seriously.  Both parents of children and the elderly fear crossing Stanhope Parkway.  Blacktown Council have trimmed trees at the roundabout on Stanhope Parkway and Majestic Drive which we are grateful of, however it isn't a sufficient solution to this safety issue.
I am appealing to all residents of Stanhope Gardens and beyond, to sign this petition to lobby for pedestrian safety on Stanhope Parkway, Stanhope Gardens, NSW. 
Please help me push for these changes, which can save lives and make motorists slow down.  
Thank you for your support,
Susan Baxter