Fight the Phone Pouch

Fight the Phone Pouch

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There may be a pop up to dotate money to our cause. Please do not do this as it may be a scam. We are not looking for money, just to spread awareness of our cause.

Thank you.

Next year Blackwood High school, among many other schools will be trialing a program where students will have their phones locked in a Yondr pouch for the entirety of the school day from the beginning of school until the end. This will also include break time.

This is the government's decision to bring in the Yondr pouches and we don't believe that it will work. 

For one, the idea behind these pouches is to reduce screen time, and stop phone addiction. However, phone addiction is a subcategory from technology addiction. This means that when the school takes away our phones, it will have no impact to technology addiction because we require computers in class. 

Secondly, many students here need their phones as a coping object for social anxiety, depression, autism and adhd. They are mainly used in the subject of a panic attack when a parent needs to be contacted in privacy. It could also be used for playing music when a student feels overwhelmed. It is not in the schools place to take away a calming or destressing object.

Furthermore we would like to add that phones are not the leading cause for stress or anxiety. It is not the phone in general, it can be social media, however most often it is found that anxiety and stress often come from homework or test pressure.

We will protest against these pouches and petition for a compromise.

Please sign if you believe in yours and others rights.

170 have signed. Let’s get to 200!