Blackwell Art Enema

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There are so many old brick buildings on downtown Main street in Blackwell, OK that many people would love to have something done with. I have a very simple idea that would improve Blackwell's image emmensely and make it's citizen's daily lives more enjoyable. All we need to do is get some brightly colored paint and do a few very simple henna/mandala designs on a couple of these old buildings.

What would this accomplish? It would show people that Blackwell loves art, it would  make main street beautiful, it would make Blackwell stand out from all these other country towns around us, it would be a great spot for senior pictures, and pictures of the art may even go viral- the internet eats this kind of stuff up. My hope is to get enough signatures from people interested in the project to make this happen. Whether it be the Chamber of Commerce, the City of Blackwell, or some regular citizens like me.

Every small town has a mural featuring cows, wheat, and their coop building. No other small town has art like I'm proposing. I want to help my hometown, I want to make it beautiful and worth seeing. Right now all we're known for is farming and drug addiction. Let's be known for our creativity instead.

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