End Racism & Discrimination at BlackRock

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Almost at our goal of 10,000!

Hello friends & allies,

Thanks to you, in just a few weeks, we garnered over 9,000 signatures on this petition. We are now less than 900 signatures away from our goal of 10,000! Will you share this petition with 10 of your friends today to help us reach our goal? You can use the image here to share on your social media stories and with friends and family.

This is the power of community. We are 9,000 strong and counting.

We've built such impressive momentum that this petition and story was covered by Business Insider, Bloomberg, Financial News, MSN, Institutional Investor, Responsible Investor, and countless others. 

By taking a stand, you are not only standing up for me, but also every woman, Muslim, person of color, and person of any under-represented identity on Wall Street. Together, we are sending a clear signal to BlackRock and other firms that we will not allow racism, Islamophobia, and sexual harassment to continue un-checked. When BlackRock fails to hold harassers and bullies accountable, we will hold BlackRock accountable.

Thank you for your continued support and allyship.

With love & appreciation,

Essma Bengabsia

Essma Bengabsia
2 months ago