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Husky Banned From Current Affairs

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Who is Husky?

Husky is in every term a "Social Justice Warrior". Husky is a person who mindlessly bashes the right and sticks to the left way of thinking despite not even listening to what the right have to say. Husky views politics as black and white. If it's associated with right winged-views, they'll hate it, even if it is a law to cut down general taxes on the population by Donald Trump, the fact that the person who announced it was Trump causes them to have a hissy fit and says it's bad for the economy. Husky is also someone who unironically believes Communism will solve all of our problems and Capitalism is the cause for all of said problems.

Why Should Husky Be Banned From Current Affairs?

Husky makes little efforts into their posts, often baiting others into flaming them and then flaming themselves. Whilst Husky gives off a nice portion of flame, the moment you say a word against them they go into ultimate rage, akin to Revan, or better yet, Dr. Pepper. You can bring up aplenty arguments against Husky, however their way of thinking is so narrow that they'll on believe what Husky deems fit. If you give Husky facts, he'll call them stupid. He is truly a menace to this sub-forum and we would be better off without him. He also makes left-wing seem retarded with his points, which is harmful to people on "his side". Truly, no one benefits from this mad man being allowed to shitpost.

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