Justice for Freddie - physical bullying attack

Justice for Freddie - physical bullying attack

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Started by Sian Hughes

On the 22nd November 2021 I received a call from school that all parents dread ‘Mrs Hughes, Freddie is hurt there is a lot a blood and we have called an ambulance’ I ran immediately over to school, he was being seen to by some fantastic first aiders however all I could see was blood so I clung onto my baby. At this point I had no idea the extent of his injury, the two amazing teachers seeing to him wouldn’t allow me to look I just needed to be there for my boy. Unfortunately due to the overwhelming pressure the NHS faces the ambulance services advised it would take 3hours to get an ambulance to us, luckily the schools headmaster stepped in and took us straight up to A&E in the school mini bus. It wasn’t until we got into A&E that I saw the extent of the damage, Freddies ear was in half…my little boy was in tremendous pain all at the hands of the class bully. Freddie had to been seen by an ENT specialist and was taken into surgery to repair the damage, now physically and not to mention mentally scared for life. 
I sent my little boy into school as normal that Monday morning never could I have imagined this, at the age of 6 he was hunted down and chased by the class bully….In the school playground she chased him and took a swing to grab him, which he managed to jump back and avoid, she continued to chase him when he jumped onto some big bean bag pillows to get away at which point she then grabs Freddie and pulls him off the pillows and throws him into a wooden bench…..his head hit the bench which caused the tremendous damage to his ear and he then hit the concrete floor…luckily he got himself up (covered in blood) and headed straight to a teacher however the other child still continue to hunt him down and follow him at this point.

And because of the child’s age there is simply no justice for Freddie, which angers me and simply breaks my heart. He is let down in so many ways….

The police can’t take action against a minor so don’t want to know 

This child received one week isolation and remains in the same school as him

He has lost weeks of education 

He receives no compensation as the child is a minor

He is now scared for life

As his parent I am traumatised by what has happened to him.

This was nothing other than a malicious attack and Freddie as the victim is paying all the prices, bullying is one thing but for a child to have no repercussions after carrying out a physical attack is wrong on all levels. Parents must be made accountable for their child’s actions when the results are this horrific. 

500 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!