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BLACK LIVES MATTER is Racist. Stop it and Stop Racism!.

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As the world is engulfed in this movement called, "Black Lives Matter" many people especially, young people in the world(Black or otherwise) are asking:


This "Black Lives Matter" slogan is more dehumanizing and deceptive especially for every innocent young black child, who has always known that their life mattered anyway, until this racist slogan.

This slogan is either a deliberate racist agenda or has been ignorantly adopted by many innocently concerned persons without realizing that they are promoting what they are supposed to be fighting: RACISM.

Every racist person except the brain dead knows that black, white, yellow and every other life matter. They are just either ignorant or deceived to think otherwise. What such a person is supposed to be called out on, is to STOP RACISM. For they already know that All lives matter if they are human..

RACISM is not for humans, not even animals. So every racist should stop and recognize that every life matter and we are all created equal irrespective of how much melanin is in one's skin.

So, this ongoing campaign, may appear to foster a positive agenda for black people: but it is deceptively degrading, dehumanizing and a seriously racist phrase that should be STOPPED or rejected by all sane humans.

In the short run, "Black Lives Matter" campaign may appear to cause temporally positive reforms in different countries, but in long run this movement is instead counterproductive against the innocent young minds who are being deceived start looking at themselves as victims that must be pitied by those who think their lives matter more. This is a lie and it must be STOPPED.

The slogan should have been: "STOP RACISM" All lives matter.

Lets end this racist blacklivesmatter lie.


Thank you.

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