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STOP! The Laurel Plaza GAS STATION/Mini-Mart

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We don't want a gas station/mini-mart/car wash/vacuum center at Laurel Rd and O'Hara Ave which is planned to be built at Laurel Plaza, directly across the street from Laurel Elementary School, and in the walking path of O'Hara Park School. This location is a thoroughfare where children and families walk to and from multiple neighborhoods and three schools. The lot is also directly adjacent to 12 homes and very close to multiple neighborhoods. We feel this type of business (selling fuel, cigarettes, beer and wine, and being open 24 hours a day) will be a safety and pollution/environmental concern for our children and adult residents. Of utmost concern is the health risks to the many young, vulnerable children that spend their days less than 1000 feet from this proposed site. Even with best efforts to avoid it, Fueling stations add high levels of VOCs to the air, leak hundreds of chemicals into the soil and groundwater, and increase risks of respiratory diseases and cancers. This business will increase traffic, attract transients to the area, will encourage loitering, increase crime, and will bring chemical, noise, light, and trash pollution to our air, soil, water and neighborhood.
There are already two fueling stations currently and soon to be under construction less than a mile west on Laurel Rd, closer to Highway 4. We don't need more gas pollution this close to our schools and homes.

Traffic in this area is already very heavy with parents getting their children to school,  navigating all the walkers. Adding an element of non-school drivers in a hurry to fuel up and get in and out of a convenience store will surely result in small children getting injured

The City of Oakley has approved a conditional use permit to Keylock Enterprises, allowing for a gas station where the current zoning otherwise would not allow one. We don't feel our safety, or the health of our school children was taken into account when that decision was made. Due to the fact that this site is within 1000 feet of an elementary school, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District has to allow 30 days for public comment prior to giving this project the green light. 

We understand the 2008 zoning change from a neighborhood business to commercial  retail/mixed use allows for retail business on this site, but the petition signers respectfully request that the City of Oakley limit the zoning to exclude fueling stations and/or that the land owners (Blackhawk Development) and business owner (Keylock Enterprises) reconsider the need to build a gas station at this location. We feel there are a myriad of more suitable business opportunities for this neighborhood lot. 

The residents of Woodglen Estates, parents of Laurel Elementary and O'Hara Park Middle School and nearby communities, and our supporters who sign this petition would like a more resident-friendly business at this location, and feel there are plenty of options to consider. For instance, would the owner consider a store like Whole Foods or Trader Joe's, which are successful business models for a grocery store that also serves fresh food but doesn't stay open all night? This type of upscale store will better encourage residents' business and will discourage loitering. Or a coffee/sandwich shop? There are a myriad of options for convenient, profitable, family friendly business plans that will do well at this location.


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