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Blackfriars Action for Responsible Development (169-173 Blackfriars Road, SE1)

Blackfriars Action for Responsible Development PETITION

We the undersigned wish to register opposition to the proposed irresponsible development, by Linden Homes at the site which runs from 169-173 Blackfriars Road extending back into Pocock Street.

We reject both of Linden Homes two options for the site:

27 storey glass building on Blackfriars Road with further buildings behind ranging from 7 to 11 storeys providing 206 apartments. This involves the closure of Surrey Row and the appropriation of a community garden belonging to the Nelson Square estate,


15 storey building on Blackfriars Road providing 123 apartments and shops at ground level

We are opposed to
-Poor and unimaginative designs
-Height, massing and overshadowing of surrounding housing
-Lack of community facilities and insensitivity to the history and social fabric of the area.
-Loss of heritage buildings
-Inappropriate ‘social and/or affordable’ housing for local needs
-The appropriation of Helen Gladstone Gardens community garden

We call on Southwark Council to engage in and facilitate further consultation and give serious consideration to alternative, more socially responsible designs.

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