Bring an eSports event venue to the Lehigh Valley PA area.

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Fellow gamers and tech lovers of the Lehigh Valley PA and surrounding areas, Let us combine our voices and help bring an epic venue to our area!  This petition aims to definitively show developers, investors, and the world that our area needs and WANTS a world class eSports venue!

Data shows the Lehigh Valley PA area is the perfect Northeast location for a state-of-the-art facility eSports and tech venue! follow the link below for more info.

eSports is gaining more and more traction everywhere, and the Lehigh Valley is no exception. There is a major unmet need in the area: no dedicated eSports venue exists here. The thing is many people who would love to see an eSports venue in the area are not entirely familiar with what one would look like or entail. Thus, it falls upon us to raise awareness and to spread the word about our plans for an eSports venue before we actually start to create one. This is no easy task, to be sure. We at Blackfire360 have already poured our hearts and souls into designing an eSports venue.

As it stands now, eSports competitions in the Lehigh Valley are held in temporary locations. A Lehigh Valley eSports venue would provide a facility capable of mirroring the passion of our area’s eSports community and provide this region with the world-class facility it deserves!