BlackBerry, inc.: Allow more devices, such as iPod touches, or Windows Phone 8, to access BBM.

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BlackBerry released BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) for iOS and Android. BlackBerry made a decision to keep it from Wi-Fi only devices, such as the iPod touch and the iPad's with Wi-Fi. As a proud user of an iPod touch, I believe that Blackberry should release it for these Wi-Fi only devices. 

I fully understand BlackBerry's reasoning behind their decision that they want constant connection because that is what BBM is about, but that idea is not so accurate. Who's to say that every iPhone has a cellular data connection, or every iPad with Cellular, actually has a data plan attached to it. So BlackBerry's reasoning behind it makes no sense in the end. 

iPod touch users, and iPad's with Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi only Android devices deserve the same experience as the rest of us have with BBM. It only makes sense. A Majority of iPod touch users are younger kids who haven't gotten a phone yet, those are the next people that BlackBerry needs. iPads usually got bought with Wi-Fi only, so why is it making sense to limit BBM's possible membership because it doesn't make sense.

We are also asking for BBM to be brought to Windows Phone 8, and be 100% supported for iPad wifi and iPod touch wifi. 

So please BlackBerry allow Wi-Fi only devices to be able to download BBM to their devices and use the future of massaging.

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