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Blackberry make us a new Side-Slider Keyboard Phone

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We want Blackberry to make us a new open side-slider Smartphone with a full QWERTY keyboard.

Why Blackberry?

Blackberry has already built great smartphones with keyboards and they also have experience with Android. But now they are struggling. So while a few thosand customers wouldn't matter to large smartphone companies like Samsung, we might have a good chance that Blackberry listenes to us.

What do we want?

Many of us are still hanging on to our ancient side-slider phones, because we love them, but noone builds them anymore. Others of us have grudgingly switched to keyboard-less phones and would love to return to a modern version of a Motorola Droid 4 or a Samsung Stratosphere.

Our requirements are:

  • Full side-slider keyboard
  • Android with an unlockable bootloader
  • Modern specs

Please spread the word if you want to see a phone like this being made again!

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