STOP the sale of EXTREME skin lightening products on

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My name is Marina, and I am a mixed race British individual of Zimbabwean and Nigerian descent. I came across a skincare brand called Fab Empire Skincare, as it came up in my ads, and was digusted after scrolling for several minutes at the selection of whitening products available which, from the many reviews, seem capable of making dark skinned beauties literally appear Caucasian. 

I really don't think that allowing the sale and distribution of whitening products such as these are AT ALL healthy for the mindset of the black community, especially at a young age, as we're very impressionable, and seeing statements such as "Ever dreamt of having a skin so white, it almost reminds you of snow?" written on a website with regards to products can completely give them the wrong idea about beauty. Beauty and skin tone are completely unrelated things and making people think otherwise can be so damaging to their self confidence and general mental health.

We need to put a stop to people nearly starving themselves in order to pay for products that'll alter their racial identity and this site and their products is where I'd like to start, as if you take a look at the link below, the prices are shocking because they're apparently the "best" whitening products on the market. 

We need to make a change and stop this absolute horror show before it's too late and more and more people are influenced by the notion that white is more beautiful. We're all equal, so let's fight together to stop that notion from spreading any further. Thank you very much for your time and please support the cause.

(The image for the petition was taken from and doesn't belong to me, all credit goes to them for that image)