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Black Milk: Please diversify your advertising!

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This morning on the Black Milk Facebook page it started with a single voice of disdain:

"Cast more diverse models or you're going to lose business."

Then as of 11:30am AEDT hundreds of BM 'Sharkies' have added their voices to the call for gender, racial and size diversity for Black Milk marketing.

We want to see ourselves in your pretty, pretty shinies, guys! We want everyone - regardless of shape, ethnicity and orientation to be able to click through your website and think 'Wow, I would look BANGING in that!' without being bombarded with a continual stream of size small, petite models who although show off your product beautifully do not represent the complete scope and breadth of your massive market-base now.

Black Milk has always been at the forefront of Australian alternative fashion before exploding overseas. This is an opportunity to grow, to use the fantastic product that you guys offer to share the awesome feeling of fresh, shiny nylon on our bodies with everyone - black, white, cis, trans, male, female, non-gender, large, tall, thin and short.

We, the Sharkies, would like to request an overhaul of the market image that has been devolving the brand that we love so much. Seven of the last eight collections on the BM website feature a single model per collection, wearing either a size 'S' or an 'XS'. We want to see what that maxi would look like on someone with a generous booty, or someone with a large chest and a narrow waist. We want to see what rainbows look like on someone with coloured skin, or short hair, or a transgirl rocking a playsuit, or a man rocking nylon legs!

This is what we - your customers - look like now, guys. 

Previously the track record of your social media engagement on things like size and diversity have been less than impressive. There have been many 'Banhammer' strikes - usually on people who have voiced their opinion strongly and have apparently made the mistake of critiquing a design on a model or an admin which has been construed as something other than what it was: a cry for diversity.

Posting every once in a while about how you encourage and harbor diversity whilst using models of a single-digit size range is not something that will help you retain customers unfortunately, and every-so-slowly you are losing those of us who simply can no longer see ourselves in your beautiful shiny clothes.

Please listen to us: help us see everyone in your clothes and share the Sharkie message that we can be - and wear - anything that we want! 


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