Have RACIST Samantha Errera’s degree revoked from University of New Haven & unemploy her

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Samantha Errera (A known racist ) went on a public racist rant and when the conversation was exposed and thousands of people made attempts to email University of New Haven & her internship at the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s office , she called her police officer father and had him send his troop to Isaiah Campbell’s home at midnight. Isaiah is a black student athlete whom Samantha made racist comments to and instead of admitting to this (despite her being recorded ) , she lied and falsified police reports against Isaiah. 

This is a call to action for Samantha Errera the racist to learn her lesson when calling for another lynching on a black man by falsifying police reports with her cop father despite her being the one who is at fault. 

Make sure she is not allowed employment anywhere and that her new degree from the University of New Haven is REVOKED as well as its privileges. She is undeserving of credentials that will lead her into her dream career of law enforcement because she has racist motives.