Diversity Training for the Columbus Police Department (Columbus, Indiana)

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Diversity Training Petition: fostered by Black Lives Matter of Columbus & supported by Columbus residents (in way of signatures).

To Mayor Jim Lienhoop of Columbus, Indiana and Chief Jon Rohde of the Columbus Police Department, 

The Columbus Police Department has confirmed their only diversity training course is an annual event hosted & facilitated by a community resident of Color. These events are created, organized and framed by the host where only one race/ethnicity is focused.

This as the diversity training course for the CPD, is problematic for various reasons. These training courses are manufactured by a citizen who cannot solely hold onus or responsibility as the 'annual diversity teacher' to effectively ‘train’ officers. Also, one member of an ethnicity group is not the spokesperson for that entire minority group. Experiences are shared, but not monolithically. 

Black Lives Matter of Columbus motions for Mayor Jim Lienhoop and Chief Jon Rohde to immediately enforce four quarterly required diversity training courses to effectively train Columbus's law enforcement on implicit bias, racial awareness and community knowledge. BLM of Columbus and other minority leaders in the community would want input as to the structure of these courses.