Justice For Tyler Lumar

Justice For Tyler Lumar

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Started by Emma Tencate

Tyler Lumar is another victim of a broken police and judicial system— Tyler died due to injuries he sustained, while UNLAWFULLY in Chicago Police Department’s custody. 

Share his story so we can hold the Chicago Police Department (CPD) and Mayor Lori Lightfoot accountable.

Tyler’s Story:  

On August 18, 2016, at the age of 22, a medical clinic on the westside of Chicago refused to prescribe Tyler certain medication for his asthma he has chronically suffered from his entire life. The clinic accused Tyler of soliciting medication and CPD was called. The police arrived at the scene and advised Tyler to leave the clinic before the matter escalated—which he did without his prescription filled. However, the same officers continued to follow Tyler. They looked up his information and found an unpaid $25 traffic violation that was issued by Lee County. These officers arrested Tyler because of an outdated warrant. Although the $25 fine had in fact been paid, the warrant was never quashed after the payment was made. CPD transferred Tyler to the 11th district.

Lee County told the CPD Tyler could be released on a $50 bail, of which he had $130 on him. The CPD, however, never offered Tyler to bond himself out, officially stating “bond information unavailable” on his record. 

Later that evening because he didn’t have his medicine, he suffered an extreme asthma attack and was taken to Mt. Sinai Hospital emergency room. He was treated and in the early hours of August 19th he was returned back to the CPD. Tyler's family was never notified.

Though having just recovered from his life-threatening asthma condition, Tyler was placed in a bull-pen with other inmates. Video surveillance shows an inmate intentionally dropping a bag of crack cocaine behind the bench where Tyler was sitting. Please keep in mind that Tyler was just in the emergency room, he had been searched before being taken to the hospital, once in the hospital while he was being treated, AND was searched before they placed him in the bullpen. 

This is, again, where the system blatantly failed Tyler. Cook County Deputies wrongfully accused Tyler and detained him for drug possession. Then, instead of proceeding to bond court, CPD transferred Tyler back to the 11th District where he was left in a cell alone. CPD states to have later found him unconscious claiming Tyler allegedly attempted to take his own life. Tyler spent the next 20 months fighting for his life in a hospital bed. There is no video of what happened to him, due to ALL surveillance cameras allegedly being “broken” at the time. Tyler died on April 18th, 2018 due to the injuries he sustained while in CPD custody at Ballard Respiratory and Rehab. 

The Chicago Police Department  is trying to dismiss Tyler’s case. 

All that went wrong:

-  Tyler was arrested due to an outdated warrant, for a traffic fine that had ALREADY been paid. CPD confirmed this with Lee County. 

-  Tyler was searched multiple times (between 4-8) when he was arrested on August 18th - August 19th 2016; no contraband was ever found on him.

-  Tyler’s family never knew of his whereabouts or when he was in the hospital suffering from an asthma attack. 

- Tyler was placed in a bullpen while still recovering from his night in the emergency room due to an asthma attack.

-  While in the bullpen at Cook County, awaiting to be transferred to bond court, video surveillance shows another inmate tossing a pack of crack cocaine near Tyler. Officers accuse Tyler of carrying this on him. It is worth noting, again, that Tyler was searched again prior to entering this bullpen.

-  Tyler is then returned to the 11th District, now facing narcotic charges, despite previous searches finding nothing on him.

-  Tyler is later found unconscious in his cell and is transported to the hospital. There is no video of what happened to him, due to ALL surveillance cameras allegedly being “broken” at the time. The only witness was released with all charges dropped against him. Despite numerous attempts, he refuses to speak to Tyler's attorney.

-  Tyler’s hospital room was guarded by the CPD for hours not allowing loved ones in to see him, stating that he was in “police custody.”

Tyler spent the remaining 20 months of his life in a hospital bed, due to injuries he sustained while in police custody.

-  Tyler lost the fight for his life on April 18, 2018, at just 24 years old. 

The events that took place while in police custody were avoidable. There should have never been a warrant for his arrest. CPD should have released him on bond at the 11th District station; he should have never been held overnight. 

Tyler left behind his seven year old daughter, Savannah, who was just three years old at the time of his arrest. He leaves behind his mother, father, three sisters, his high-school sweetheart and friends. Tyler was a kind, caring, charismatic young man, with a smile that could light up the whole world. The love he had for his daughter was deep and never-ending. He was loved by so many and will be truly missed.

Though eternally grateful for the love and support we have received over the years. Tyler’s fight is not over and; we need YOUR HELP to continue to share Tyler’s name and his story. There is an ongoing case seeking justice for Tyler.

We won't let Tyler’s legacy be ignored. Tyler Lumar deserves JUSTICE. 

HERE is a document with pre-written emails and tweets to demand justice for Tyler Lumar. 
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141,037 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000!