Save New Humble Centre School

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New Humble Centre School was officially organized on January 22, 1900, making this year an incredible 120 years since it’s inception. New Humble Centre School is the oldest school in Black Gold School Division still on its original site. Over the years many former students have been able to return to the area as adults to have their children attend school there as well. This year parents have received notification that Blackgold Regional School Division is looking at possibly closing this school. Yes the school class numbers are small, but this creates a wonderful learning atmosphere for the children. They learn from not only the teachers but also each other. Its seems as though Alberta Education sees cramming 25 or more children into a classroom as the best educational choice because it cost them less and they receive more. However, as the parent of children who have been in mainstream vs smaller schools I have seen the children grow and achieve success more at small schools like New Humble Centre School! Children receive more one on one  learning with either the teachers, support staff, or with piers. This something larger schools lack. Please help us save our small country school!