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Due to the current focus on creating a racially sensitive and non-exclusive American society, I feel that we need to examine all points of concern for the citizens of this country. It's my opinion that a majorly successful Cable Television Network of such long standing public view would not wish to portray itself as culturally exclusive or "racist", but promoting one's self as "Black Entertainment Television" sends the message of racially biased preference with regards to intended viewership, this type of racial distinction is not acceptable if we are to continue the pursuit of an American society that is free of offensive monuments, signs, school names or any other types of displays which are viewed by society, rather than in a single residence, furthermore, I believe that the name is counter-productive in respect to teaching future generations not to view race as a point of division, we can't teach our children that everyone is equal if we advertise one culture as if they are exclusive or separate from the rest of society. I am optimistic in hopes of helping to identify and eliminate some of the issues that so negatively impact American society, hopefully my efforts will not only help rectify this issue, but might motivate others to become more socially aware of insensitive material and campaign for it's removal.

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