Bring Back Copwatch America on BET!

Bring Back Copwatch America on BET!

February 5, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Patrick Waldo

In 2019 BET premiered Copwatch America, a groundbreaking show about police accountability activists in New York City and Atlanta. After airing only seven of the ten episodes that were filmed, BET pulled the show from its lineup. We demand BET release the final three episodes!

In an era of television dominated by shows that depict cops as heroes, Copwatch America offered a crucial counter narrative and presented the reality of law enforcement in America: communities of color are under siege by racist police forces, but some brave folks are fighting back. These are the stories that deserve to be lifted up! BET had the opportunity to educate and empower millions of people by showing hardworking activists who are fighting against systemic racism and building a safer world for Black and brown families.

This petition is the community demanding:
*Bring back Copwatch America,
including the final three unaired episodes
*Stop silencing activists
*Stop ignoring fans on social media wanting to know why their favorite show was suddenly pulled

The cast of this show is made up of hardworking, powerful activists with decades of experience between them! Their work should be celebrated and respected!
BET, bring back Copwatch America!!!

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Signatures: 306Next Goal: 500
Support now

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