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UK to return all stolen African Artefacts to Africa

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The British Museums have on display treasures from Benin era, and many other treasures from other parts of Africa, these treasures artefacts etc. were pillaged, smuggled and stolen artefacts, they are the property of Africa.. the UK or other countries that took part in these historic crimes cannot steal and claim these treasures, Africa's stolen treasures to be deemed as their own, inspite of ancient parliamentary laws, neither have they a right to decide where it should be kept,  or who can take care of them better, it is not their responsibility as it is not their property to decide in the first instance

No act of parliament should entitle another to keep something that is NOT Rightfully or legally theirs, UNLESS it was given to be kept permanently, but this is not the case. Even in todays society people are being charged with and for historic crimes, this must be the same with these matters with the acceptance that we're not requesting charges as there is no one living of that era but were demanding all Africa's treasures of that era; therefore, we are calling on the rest of the Black Communities and anyone else who supports this belief of the return of African  treasures which is part of Africa's Culture to be given back to their rightful place and rightful owners, Africa and  the Black Africans.  

Britain and other countries has never made any reparations for Slavery perhaps this would be a start in making moves for amendments.

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