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Petitioning Black African Americans

To denounce and stop referring to one another as the n-word, n**gahs.

The embracing of the n-word serves as a sanctioning of all the evil deeds committed upon Black African Americans’ beloved ancestry. This is not a consensus or opinion but a fact. Deliberate or not, it is sanctioning nonetheless. Such actions are neither magnanimous nor altruistic but indeed the opposite—malevolent, mean-spirited, self-centered and narrow-minded.  Our beloved  ancestors deserve better—in the perspective of reverence and honor of their sacred and hallow memories; the n-word should be taboo and forbidden to be a part of the Black African-American culture.

There is nothing empowering about embracing the pejorative term; it has no benefit or value. Continually holding on to the name given blacks by a racist society through using, defending and supporting the use of the word, as well as trying to rationalize that it has been changed into something positive, is sheer insanity. 

 N**ga/n**ger is an empty sign of self-hatred masquerading itself as a term of endearment. The idiom serves as perpetual imprisonment and is the detonator to the absolute extermination of an entire race of people’s pride, dignity, honor and state of mind. Some may feel that the term carries no weight and plays no role in the current status and eventual outcome of the black community.

However, the name “N**ga/n**ger” was always meant to demean, devalue and destruct. And as blacks continue to use the term, the community’s ill-development will continue to occur. Words are a mighty source of power (Proverbs 23:7), and there is power—a negative, evil, conniving power—in the name “N**ga/n**ger”.




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