Make Self Defence Training Compulsory for All Schools in Haryana

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Have you ever gone through an entire newspaper without seeing at least 2-3 cases of sexual assault? The answer is probably no, you haven’t, because this has become such a widespread issue. 

In India, a child is sexually abused every 15 minutes. Out of this, Rape accounts for 12 % of all crimes against women and children.  According to a news report, Haryana records the highest rate of gang rape cases in the country and is often referred to as India’s rape capital according to Hindustan times. 

Whenever we hear about any rape, molesting or any sexual assault case our first instinct is to always criticise the police or the Indian legal system. We never think that a girl can also have the physical abilities and power to deal with these situations.

I want the Haryana Government to make self defence training compulsory for all students from class 6 onwards. Sign my petition.

This will not only establish awareness of potentially dangerous situations but will also develop self confidence among the students. This can be done by integrating a self defence program with the physical education program which already exists in most schools. After learning the techniques, over a period of time, students will not only be able to protect themselves but also others around them.

Self defence is a basic right for any human being. This training will empower students from all backgrounds and will also give them a sense of security.

Help me by signing this petition so that we can make self defence training compulsory for all schools in Haryana.