I will not tolerate NEGLIGENCE of Hyd-Karnataka districts anymore.

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We people of Hyd-Karnataka demand justice. Region had been, is still being given low priority when it comes to areas like industrialization, education, agriculture and many more. The development of the region is being compromised for the sake of other cities.

No IT companies, we hardly find manufacturing industries, many sugar factories are being shut. No institutions like IIT, NIT, IIM. None of the previous governments in power in karnataka came up with a permanent solution to water scarcity the region is facing from long years. Almost every graduate from karnataka, be it an engineer, B.Sc graduate, B.com graduate, diploma or ITI folk, has to emigrate to Bengaluru seeking job. This will not end up here, there is a long list of problems region is fighting with...

Call it "Negligence/descrimination" will not be tolerated anymore. We demand highest priority be given to Hyd-Karnataka districts for industrialization, education, agriculture, which, the districts are lagging behind compared to other districts in karnataka.

Amendment of article 371 (j) is just not the solution for backwardness of Hyd-karnataka region, government should be proactive to fight the backwardness of the region, but, we do not notice any such action from government.

Development of karnataka does not mean development of Bengaluru, it means development of each and every village, every distrct of the state.

We are not against government's focus on state capital, we are against uninterestingness of government towards development of Hyd-Karnataka distrcits.

Please sign this petition if you want to bring change, we together will drag the attention of government and shall fight till we get justice.

Jai Hind, Jai Karnataka.