No Electricity,Road or Water in Greenfields Colony Faridabad We need Justice UDC & Gov

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Hi everyone . This petition is for our colony which is under development since more then 30 Years.  This colony is Under Urban Improvement Company since long time now. But there is no development which has been done. Improvement is done just where MLA's or the VIP's live and not further then that. There have been different Scandals happening under the nose of Government but no actions have been taken since then. Scandals are as follows. Electricity Scandal, Stone Scandals, funds provided by the tax payers is going in pocket of BJP officials as they are heading and nothing is being done. We want Urban Improvement Company to leave the colony and give it under the jurisdiction of MCF. We want DHBVN  to install new transformers in the colony and sort out the Earthing problem which may can cause a lot of lives as there is no earthing in the colony and anyone can die because of that.