Reinstate Anson as Co-President

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Some of you may know what happened earlier today. If you don’t, Anson Chen was disqualified from the co-president position election. I, myself, as well as hundreds of students at BJM were outraged to hear that Anson would not be serving as co-president at our school.

Not only has the school yet to give a formal explanation on the disqualification. Though, current speculation is that he was disqualified for adding to his speech. 5 words is all it took the administration of our school to disqualify him from the co-president position. The countless hours it took to write speeches, prepare posters, organize social media accounts and to gain the trust and friendship of his fellow Saints were all thrown away. I, as well as hundreds of students believe that this punishment was not only extreme, but somewhat unjust. Anson is a great student. Caring, compassionate... he not only consistently gets good grades in school but rarely gets in trouble. In his time at BJM, he’s demonstrated that he is a good leader, a good student and a good Saint. One that represents the school itself. Kind, welcoming, fun and upbeat. In my opinion, I believe that the administration should have been more explicit with the rules and regulations of their speeches. Adding words and changing speeches is not a new thing that happens. For even famous leaders and activists must have altered their own speeches in one way or another to make it more appealing to their audience. Is this not the same as what was done by Anson today? Finally, the election today was absolutely dominated by Anson. Not only could everyone tell by the applause and reaction to their speeches, but by the fact that throughout the day, people were talking about him, how they voted for him, how he gave an awesome speech and how he should win. 

It’s saddening to see all the work, time and effort Anson has put into his campaign go to waste. I think that not only should the decision be reconsidered, but reversed. It’s unjust for everything he’s done over the past few years to go to waste over 5 words.

All support helps. Hopefully, we can change their minds.