Help frontline nurses at BJC get vaccinated!

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BJC has made the decision to prioritize older staff first, which incidentally places their frontline workers last. This policy not only unfairly favors the administrative staff, including the president of BJH, Dr. John Lynch (pictured above), who is not working at the bedside, but it also means that the vast majority of people working with covid patients—mainly people in their 20’s and 30’s—are amongst the last to receive the vaccine.

Barnes recently made a statement stating that the reason for this process is because “it is possible to experience side effects from the vaccine. For this reason the CDC has recommended hospitals organize their vaccinations in a way that minimizes the risk of having multiple members of the same team off work due to side effects.” This argument makes no logical sense, as these people are mostly in the same age group and would be immunized together according to BJH’s current policy.

The healthcare workers and the public are appalled that BJC would unethically neglect the very people they call their “healthcare heroes”, especially when other hospitals in the Saint Louis area seemingly got this process “right”.

As nurses and doctors diligently serving the community during this pandemic, we are disheartened to see that the institution we work for is using this process to vaccinate. We believe that although it is important to ensure that everyone is vaccinated, the people on the front lines who are caring for sick patients should be the first to receive a dose.

This petition is calling for a policy change from BJC healthcare and Barnes Jewish Hospital to prioritize vaccinations based on exposure risk. This includes but is not limited to: nurses and doctors (including all residents seeing patients, all emergency department staff, and other healthcare personnel coming into contact with COVID-19 positive patients or patients suspected of having the COVID-19 virus.)

Thank you for your time and help, STL!