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Bizkaia County Council: Act against reiterated animal cruelty in Erandio and confiscate the animals

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On Tuesday 9th of December 2014, Equo Euskadi reported to the authorities the situation of 3 ponies and a horse in a field in Erandio, Bizkaia, Spain. The animals are chained 24 hours a day with a heavy metal chain around the neck. They show signs of malnutrition, they chain only allows limited movement and they can only feed on the circle of “grass” the chain allows them to reach. One of the ponies has a deep open wound caused by the chain covered by a plastic hose which cuts into its neck like a knife. The wound which was not given veterinarian attention has become infected.


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The situation of these horses, others which have disappeared, and a  donkey which died in another nearby field full of brambles, was reported to the authorities by a neighbour in May 2012. Despite being reported to the authorities the animals remain in the same deplorable conditions more than 2 years later. The Bizkaia County Council (La Diputación Foral de Bizkaia) took no strong action against the owners 2 years ago, only telling them to “look after the horses”. Now, after being reported a second time, the Bizkaia County Council has responded with the same words and the 2 horses in worst condition have been removed from the field, hidden from the eyes of the public.

Explanatory memorandum of the Basque Country Animal Protection Law 1993


The Basque society recognizes the movement which defends the principles of respect, defense and protection of animals, which demands, in accordance with the existence of agreements and international treaties on this subject, the promulgation of an adequate legal framework, non-existent until now, that brings together, guarantees and promotes the said principles, establishing the obligations of the owners of animals, stating the conduct that must be outlawed and put in place the sanctions that must be imposed should the case arise. Furthermore, the present law aims to increase the awareness and sensitivity which already exists in our society, through the establishment of educational foundations that promote the adoption of a more humanitarian behaviour, appropriate in a modern society.


It is difficult to raise awareness of these issues in society if the very same institutions, in charge of the well-being of animals and of ensuring that the law is complied to, turn a blind eye when presented with a clear case of animal cruelty, leaving the animals in the hands of the owners and allowing the cruelty to continue.

We ask the Bizkaia County Council (Diputación Foral de Bizkaia) to comply with the law, and to act and apply the law in the face of a clear case of repeated animal cruelty, that they remove the ownership of these animals, given that the owners have demonstrated during these past two and a half years, that they are incapable of providing adequate care and attention to these horses and moreover have caused serious injury to them.

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