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Get Electroneum on Bittrex!

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Welcome to the "Electroneum on Bittrex" petition

First off we want to start off by saying Bittrex is the most widely used cryptocurrency exchange in North America, the effect of getting electroneum on to bittrex would be staggering. It is only listed on Cryptopia as of today December 21st 2017 and it is continuing to stay as the top three highest volume SINCE its initial release in November ( miners who were selling their coins)


-Mobile mining + Trading + Transactions in one app. Supported by Android,Pc, Linux and OS.

-Security is backed by Hackerone in their early stages. the same security network used for: Twitter, Adobe, Airbnb, Snapchat, Shopify, Uber & countless others (can not penetrate security)

-400k+ participants. 110 participated in the ICO raising $40 Million 

- Telegram Group chat of 32,500 members December 21 2017. exceeding the group chat limit of 30,000. Electroneum had to contact Telegram personally to increase the limit on the chat, to add more users... link to chat below....

-"Electroneum on Coinbase" petition has 16,667 signatures December 21 2017 12:39 PM EST

-Electroneum has a strategic/fool proof plan to initiate a mass adoption effect bridging the gaps between (the person who knows nothing about crypto to the average crypto user, and the average crypto user to the every day crypto user) 

-Electroneum has a available supply of approximately 5 billion coins and a MAX supply of 21 billion coins. This was first feared upon because of the large amount of coins and supply, however Ripple has seven times the amount available to the public and has a market cap of $41 billion + December 21 2017

-Electroneum's ICO was priced at $0.01 per ETN... after raising $40,000,000 and delaying their launch to initiate security contract with Hackerone... we have seen a return as high as x13 for the ICO participants.


$1,000 became $13,000

$10,000 became  $130,000

$100,000 became  $1,300,000

$1,000,000 became $13,000,000

We can see that these ICO participants were extremely satisfied 

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