Bittrex support Alaris Airdrop for EBST holders

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Bittrex is the only one "BIG" exchange with EBST listed, for this reason they should support the airdrop, since the majority of EBST holders are concentrated in this exchange.

Snapshot: May 15th
Airdrop: May 23rd

- One of the biggest blockchain Airdrops in 2018.
- First gaming coin with government contracts in the home of games (Sweden).
eBoost is very undervalued and low cap gaming blockchain compared to its competitors.
- Connections to Razer.
- Alaris is the first gaming blockchain and partnerships will be announced after the airdrop.
- 2018 is the year of airdrops due to regulations. Airdrops are free money.
- Staking started in March 2018.

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