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This petition made change with 98 supporters! ( is a great website used as a creative outlet for kids and adults. The website helps kids and adults of any age learn new cultures and make new friends around the world. On Bitstrips, people can connect with others and enjoy making art, funny comics, etc. However, ever since the Bitstrips app was made, the owners have been neglecting Ever since it was brought back up from it's major server crash/ shut-down 2 months ago, there has been major issues with the scene builder, posing, and messages; these issues have been going on with no sign of trying to get it fixed from the owners. These issues have led to a cut off of communication and creative output. I started this petition to help my fellow Bitstrippers communicate and learn with Bitstrips, and to show the creators that people still care about the website. This site can make a difference by letting people connect to others, learn cultures, and express themselves. So many people, including me, would be lost without the support on 

" is a home for a lot of us. Some of us don't know how to make friends in real life but they can really connect with others here. We meet people from around the world and form friendships even better than those you can form in real life."  - 9angle (a user since 2009) 

"Bitstrips is important to me because it's my life, most of my friends are on here" -DaftPunkia 

"Bitstrips is where you can be creative and you get to meet wonderful people here" -Zoellacute

"Maybe they are working to fix the bugs, but we don't know. And that's a problem, because they've given no hints at all that they're trying, so even if they are, they aren't in touch and we have no idea. It would be really nice if we could see more tweets about the website, or even any clue that the website exists at all. I hope they remember what, and who helped to start Bitstrips out" - TrainTracks, a loyal bitstripper

"Bitstrips is the place where I feel like I have a second home. A second family. A second chance to finally belong somewhere, because honestly in real life, I was bullied hard, and still am. But I came to Bitstrips to express my artistic talent and make friends. Something I still lack in real life to this day... Bitstrips has helped me to evolve, grow, and change. Bitstrips makes me who I am today, and if it isn't fixed, I'll never be the same again" - Jutsin


As you can see, is not just a silly site for children, it's a place used to connect and make friends, create and express, laugh and play. is a very important tool to everyone on it. Bitstrips means a lot to everyone on it and all we ask is to fix the website so we can enjoy it to it's full extent. Please sign and support the cause. 

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