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On July 8th, 2016 at 4 pm went offline. We were only left with the links to our comics, messages, and characters. We had just over one day of notice before the site shut down completely. This devastated so many users who thrived on the site. The community had it's ups and downs, but overall it was better than the rest. The site provided free comic making tools, never charging users for a service that was better than the ones that made you pay.

Bitstrips opened in 2007, and later opened a facebook app. Then came bitmoji, the application for smartphones where you could create yourself and friends in comedic situations. When the app came out, the site went into chaos, the servers went down for 3 whole months, with no word from the developers. When it came back up, several features were missing, such as the inbox and scene builder. The inbox was returned several months later, however the scene builder was never re added. As the app gained more popularity, the developers became less interested in us and eventually made it so you could not make accounts all together. Then came the announcement. On July 7th, a blue banner was posted at the top of every page on Bitstrips. 


"Dear Bitstrips Users,

We're very sorry to announce that is going to be closing on July 8, 2016 at 12:00pm ET. We love this incredible, creative community, but can no longer continue operating the site as it is today.

Please use the following links to download your comics, characters and messages. (Download each webpage in Chrome using "Save Page As", "Format: Webpage, Complete".)

Published Comics
Unpublished Comics
We hope to find a way to give our users access to the comic builder again one day soon and apologize for such an abrupt end to the site."

At 12 pm on July 8th, the site began to break, and about 4 hours later it was fully gone, everything we worked on would be kept with us and us alone. They gave no explanation and have so far not responded to any emails or inquires sent to them. Users are bombarding the Bitstrips facebook page, pleading with them to give the site back to us, but we have received no response. The site hosted so many people who were talented and creative, who were able to make beautiful comics. I personally spent 5, nearly 6 years of my life on this site, ever since the 4th grade. I grew up with this site. It was my home, and I loved it dearly, just like the other users. We want this back.

We need this back.