Adding Verge On

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Bitsler is a highly popular Bitcoin betting platform which revolves around its famous dice game. This site has been specifically designed to work perfectly on all different platforms, whether played on a desktop, tablet or mobile device. Bitsler was first established in March 2015 and has gone on to thrill millions of Bitcoin dice players with its simplicity and enticing features.

With the recent partnership with MindGeek, Verge has gained much popularity in the cryptoworld. Adding XVG to a site such as Bitsler could encourage people to buy XVG because of it's low transaction fees and fast transaction time.

I've contacted Bitsler support and got a reply, I have been told this:
"We plan on adding more crypto currencies to Bitsler of course.
This will take some time, but we will give it a look. No signatures needed to implement any coin, but it could help if you told me that a lot of people signed for it.
But at the end we are the ones taking the decisions."

Let's try and make this happen, all you need to do is sign this petition, and have faith in XVG.