Unblock the Internet in BITS Pilani

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BITS Pilani, contrary to its branding of flexibility and freedom, provides one of the most restricted access to internet when compared to its competitors like multiple IITs, DTU, etc. This comes at the wake of a technological era, where almost all the essential communication takes place through mediums like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. This not only makes free internet access an integral part of a student's growth, but also a powerful tool to maximize efficiency.

Although some constraints to this access are not only understandable, but necessary, we believe that some of these restrictions are so redundant, they cross the boundaries of rationality. Take for example,

1) Implementing a tag/template/port based blocking system, which results in unintentional blocking of useful sites and programs such as Google Translate, VLC Media Player and similar media related programs, frequent occurrence of errors in iOS downloads, etc

2) Blocking WhatsApp, which more often than not, is used for necessary communication and academic purposes. Take for example the formation of countless academic doubt groups and groups made by the faculty themselves to aid the students and relay important notices.

3) Blocking everyday purpose apps like Spotify and other similar music streaming services, which are just harmless everyday services. These constitute general everyday annoyances which are unnecessary and only serve to further salt an open wound.

4) Furthermore, blocking services like Netflix (which are generally perceived as time-consuming), just further pushes students to shady sources, or in the best case scenario, more time consuming sources. Either way this goes against the very reasons these sites were blocked in the first place.

As per status quo, these restrictions serve no practical purpose and betray the very basis for their implementation. Ideally, these restrictions should be removed, barring only the constraints which are absolutely necessary. But if not that, at the very least we demand a discussion on the matter, and a proper reason for their reversion.