Bitrue took $EXFI tokens to their clients. STOP THE STEAL!!!

Bitrue took $EXFI tokens to their clients. STOP THE STEAL!!!

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Why this petition matters

This is a call to action to all the Crypto community, and in particular to all the Bitrue clients.

In October Bitrue announced the support to the EXFI airdrop to the Songbird holders, the only requirement was to hold Songbird on December 12 at 18:00 UTC and to hold at least 10 SGB, as stated on their blog:

On the 6 of January, through their twitter channel, Bitrue stated that the distribution was completed and they where open for business by starting to trade:

To this date hundreds (if not more) of angry customers are expressing their frustration to the exchange, on twitter telegram etc, because they didn't get the airdrop they where promised or because the ratio of 392:1 wasn't respected. Some got some, lots got none!!!

If this wasn't enough Bitrue is now stating, through their customer service, that the minimum amount SGB, to participate was 392 not 10, and to those that didn't get the airdrop that they didn't hold enough. Lots of people on twitter are reporting (by showing screenshots) that had thousands SGB at the snapshot and still they weren't given their fair share...  

What is happening here is very clear! This is bad customer service, this is playing with peoples money THIS IS PLAYING WITH PEOPLES LIVES. We need the help from all the Crypto community to expose this robbery. Share this Petition with every one!

To all the Bitrue customers we suggested to withdraw all the funds and inform the exchange that if you don't get what is yours you will never be back. If you cannot have your $EXFI don't let them profit from holding your other assets!


PS) If the number of this petition gets consistent numbers, most likely a join legal action will be taken in consideration if Bitrue doesn't do the right thing.  


100 have signed. Let’s get to 200!