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ADD DTMI to Bitfinex DTMI is a currency based on X11 algorithm and has a great project

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 want to make DTMI be listed in Bitfinex.

¿What is DTMI?

DTMA (The Distributed Technology Moldova Association)

DTMA is a company that is implementing Blockhain technology in Moldova in different ways.

  • BANKING 4.0
  • ENERGY 4.0
  • INDUSTRY 4.0
  • TOURISM 4.0
  • E-GAMING 4.0

We are generating employment and helping fintech companies to seek financing to expand their business, are also implementing an app for the farmlands registry. Diplomas on the Blockchain and Land registry on the Blockchain

we do all this under the authorization and regulation of the government.

we have a new digital currency, similar to Bitcoin but much better with greater transaction processing capacity, based on X11 algorithm. called DTMI

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