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Richmond Friends of Animals has been urging the owners of Bistro Bobette in downtown Richmond, Virginia, to remove cruel foie gras from their menu for several years. Though the restaurant has updated its name since the campaign began, it remains behind the times in terms of compassion. In the production of foie gras (French for "fatty liver"), geese and ducks are crippled and their organs often rupture due to being force-fed several times a day to make their livers grow up to 10 times the normal size. Investigations have even revealed barrels full of dead ducks who were unable to withstand the effects of force feeding.

Please join Richmond Friends of Animals in urging Bistro Bobette to ditch cruelty and remove foie gras from its menu. Please pledge not to eat there until they make this compassionate decision.

Letter to
Owners, Bistro Bobette Francis Devilliers and Wendy Kalif
Please remove foie gras from your menu immediately. The production of foie gras - the diseased liver of ducks and geese - is inherently inhumane: pipes are rammed down birds' throats several times a day, pumping up to four pounds of grain and fat into their stomachs and engorging their livers, which grow up to ten times their normal size, leading many birds to be unable to stand. It is common for birds to develop infections, kidney necrosis, spleen damage, bruised and broken bills, and tumor-like lumps in their throats, and many even tear out their feathers or cannibalize each other because of the stress. Undercover investigations have even revealed barrels of dead ducks who had choked to death or whose organs had ruptured during force-feeding.

Sir Roger Moore and Kate Winslet have both narrated videos exposing this horrific abuse, and they are joined by many prominent figures, including Wolfgang Puck, Morrissey, Paul McCartney, and Brigitte Bardot, who have spoken out against the dish. I hope you will make your restaurant a more inviting place for compassion-minded people like these icons and citizens across Richmond by removing foie gras from your offerings today.